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A.D. Ibarra

-Foster-Veteran's Memorial Stadium


That's right ladies and gentlemen, the time has come once again.On one side the Eagle Pass Eagles winners of the first eight meetings in this series which in no way, shape or form can be considered a City Championship, especially this year that the two squads will be competing in two very different leagues and will not vie for the same district championship, but with the same intensity and competitiveness that the first eight meetings have had.


Brian Dodd at Eagle Pass High School informed The News Gram of the fact that his student trainers can be compared to a production crew of a major motion picture whose names may not appear on the marquee, but the movie never would've made the theaters without them.

"These individuals are the ones that are never seen and least thought of and who perform out on the field before the team goes out there and they're the last ones to leave," said Dodd who gave us an appropriate name for his crew you see in the headline, "They have to set everything up and then have to tear everything down when we're done."


Doc Salazar at CC Winn High School informed The News Gram of the fact that his student trainers perform tasks before and after games that many times go unseen.

"They've been working hard for the football team all summer," said Salazar who gave them the appropriate monicker you see in the headline of this article, "They're the 'Team Behind the Team.'They work hard to keep everybody healthy and hydrated to prevent injuries.