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New commissioner making key moves; Removes Gil Ramos

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A.D. Ibarra

-Eagle Pass


In a bold move which shows that the newest appointed County Commissioner has come in to make difficult decisions which can help to save the county much needed funds, Commissioner Daniela Flores-Aleman has relieved Gil Ramos, former Precinct 2 Parks and Recreation Coordinator of his duties in order to put his salary back into the Precinct 2 Operating Fund.

"Mr. Ramos was in charge of the after-school program and activities for children in the Pueblo Nuevo area," stated Flores,"We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors."

Commissioner Flores mentioned the fact that the move was not made in haste, but with consultation from county officials and said that she acted in the best interest of the community who she asks to have patience with her and that any major decisions will be for the benefit of the precinct.

"A large portion of Mr. Ramos' salary will go back into the Operating Fund," added the new commissioner, "In the few days I have been in office, I've noticed a lot of swollen salaries that may need to be addressed as monies have been moved to accommodate employee's salaries and I'm going to see to it that these funds are put back in the Road & Bridge budget for projects that are needed in my precinct."

She assures that she will do her utmost to work and collaborate with Commissioner's Court in order to improve the financial health of the county.


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