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Dog Rescued After Being Stranded Six Days in the Middle of the Rio Grande

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Staff -Eagle Pass  

A very different type of rescue was affected by the US Border Patrol in Eagle Pass when agents saved the life of a dog who was stranded in the middle of the Rio Grande for six long days near International Bridge II.     

According to information provided to The News Gram by Daniela Flores of the Animal Protection Association in Eagle Pass, the rescued pooch answers to the name of 'Vakita' and had left its home in Piedras Negras unbeknownst to its owners until it was discovered on Thursday afternoon in the middle of the river, cold and alone.     

The family said to have contacted authorities on the Mexican side but did not get much if any of a response.     

After seeing the situation rather bleak, the family asked to see if US authorities would assist them in some way and this is when Border Patrol agents came to the rescue of the poor canine and Vakita was rescued and returned to her family.     

Along with the Border Patrol, a large contingent of agencies aided in the rescue including Project COMPANION, the EPFD, and EPPD among other well wishers and people who watched the events unfold.      One of the agents mentioned the fact that the current right now is very strong and it was a small miracle that the small dog even reached the inlet to safety.





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