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Commissioner Flores announces resignation March 15th Featured

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A.D. Ibarra

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In an unprecedented decision impacting the make-up of the present Commissioner's Court which has been decimated by allegations handed down by the FBI and The Department of Justice US Attorney's Office Western District of Texas, County Commissioner of Precinct 4, Cesar Flores announced in a prepared statement that he is indeed stepping down from his position as County Commissioner effective March 15th in order to focus on his defense stemming from charges being brought before him in the ongoing investigations by the FBI in Maverick County.

Flores stated in his statement that in order to keep the best interests of his constituents in mind during this investigation, he will be stepping down prior to any further proceedings in District Court, something neither Rudy Heredia or Eliaz Maldonado who both face charges alleging they participated willingly in a kickback and bribery scheme as well as misappropriation of public funds. 

Maldonado is presently free on bond and continues to perform his duties as an elected official, however Heredia is being held in a federal detention facility and is unable to fulfill his duties until he is cleared or is convicted for his alleged crimes which also include bribery and bid rigging, but was arrested for participating in a scheme to illegally introduce an amount greater than $10,000.00 undeclared into the US.

After much scrutiny and attacks from concerned citizens calling for the resignation of those commissioners who have been indicted and who face federal charges to step down, only Flores has taken the initiative of doing so which has gained the silent respect of the public for his decision to do just that while he deals with the legal situation facing him.

County Attorney Ricardo Ramos presently has filed two petitions calling for a District Judge to make the call which will give the power to the County Judge to replace any public official who may need to be replaced while the legal process takes its course which may take several months.

In the meantime, Commissioner Flores who has been in his elected office for almost ten years now, has taken it upon himself to relinquish his position willingly, responsibly and voluntarily and allow Judge David Saucedo to appoint an interim commissioner as of March 15th.