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A.D. Ibarra



Tuesday marked a very different type of ribbon cutting event as it was not earmarked for the store itself rather for a service which Stripes locations will be providing in coordination with Border Federal Credit Union.

"A couple of months ago we began negotiating a contract with Stripes who came to us and we talked about the possibilities of having ATM's available to all of our union members," stated Maria Martinez, President of BFCU Eagle Pass, "It is now a reality and what's going to happen is that we're starting little by little.What will happen is anybody who is shopping at Stripes will be able to use their BFCU ATM card, a debit MasterCard or their Visa Credit Card, withdraw money at any of the ATM's and not be charged any terminal fee!There will still be the $1 fee which is charged by the credit union, but that will be all the will pay.If you think about it, they will have access to over 600 ATM's across Texas,Oklahoma and New Mexico.I want to thank my staff for being here and taking care of our members."


A.D. Ibarra 

-Eagle Pass


Approximately 38 youths from the United Methodist Organization con- verged on Eagle Pass to conduct benevolent construction work on homes adversely affected by recent flooding. Becky Ballou of Project: Border Hope informed The News Gram of the details of this very generous donation of time, effort, fellowship and love for thy neighbor. "The youth involved all have been trained to do construction work and they participated in this youth trip to do flood repair," stated Ballou, "In one case, they completely sanded, tape and floated and rebuilt kitchen cabinets that were destroyed and painted the entire home."


A.D. Ibarra

-Kohl's Eagle Pass


The Children's Hospital of San Antonio and Kohl’s teamed up for a very important event which is held here annually thanks to the efforts of volunteers from the store who give of their time to assist in benevolent endeavors such as this which do not only provide free immunizations for children of Eagle Pass who need them before they register for school, but also help the Children's Hospital by providing funds for the organization from Kohl’s and from the sale of children's literature books sold there.

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