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Candidates to begin registering for Hospital Board elections on Friday

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Beginning Friday, July, 20th, candidates wishing to run for a place on the Maverick County Hospital Board can do so through August 20th.
Three places are in play: Those of Humberto Duran, Chuco Farias.  The other two board members include Joaquin L. Rodriguez and Rito Valdez III and
Dr. Carlos Hernandez as the board is comprised of five members.
It is hoped that several other candidates come out to challenge for these positions.
According to authorities, these elections will coincide with County elections in November.
In this same election, the EPISD Board of Trustees will have four positions up for re-election.  This board is comprised of seven places.
As this election day approaches, the general public is asked to come out and participate in the electoral process.

Last modified on Sunday, 05 August 2012 20:04