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Maverick County Sanitary Landfill Administrator, Daniel Chavez has tendered his letter of resignation

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-Eagle Pass

Unofficial sources are saying that Hector Daniel Chavez, Manager of the Maverick County Sanitary Landfill has tendered his letter of resignation, however members of the Board of Directors have stated that they have no idea about the situation and could not be reached for comment.

An employee of the landfill said that Chavez had resigned since Monday afternoon and that the position was being filled by another person on an interim basis.

Chavez had been in that position since the facility's inception a little over two years ago.  Until now, it is unknown why he would resign suddenly.

Maverick County authorities have stated that the landfill has been functioning well, has been providing the county with revenue, and has the county, the City of Eagle Pass and the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas as its main clients.  Some companies from The Eagle Ford Shale Project have also recently come aboard.

The landfill is located on the south end of Maverick County on El Indio Highway.

This facility is an entity in itself outside Maverick County, is directed by its own board and it provides economic assistance to Maverick County.

County Judge David Saucedo informed The News Gram that the landfill provided a total of $1.2 million last year which was utilized to help get the County out of the current debt it finds itself in today.

The aforementioned board will now have to analyze the present situation and decide how it will move forward in naming a new person to fill this position.