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Heredia and Gelacio Denied Bail in FederaL Court, Del Rio Tx.

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A.D. Ibarra

-Del Rio

Magistrate Judge Collis White heard deliberations from both sides in the indictment hearing for County Commissioner of Precinct 2 Rudy Heredia on charges of money laundering in a heated debate between Federal prosecutors and Heredia's legal counsel as well as testimony from a key government witness from the Federal Bureau of Investigation who testified that Jose Luis Aguilar had direct contact with known members of a Mexican cartel when selling a 2005 Ford pickup belonging to the commissioner before he and David Gelacio proceeded to transport the funds 

Federal prosecution incorporated the testimony of the witness to in fact add to their case against Heredia by attacking the defendant's character with allegations which are not in the Federal indictment.

The allegations stem from an investigation conducted by the FBI which dates as far back as 2009.

Heredia's legal counsel was exceptional in refuting any and all legal daggers being fired at the defendant as the government's key witness laid out all evidence found at Heredia's residence as well as evidence from recorded conversations via wire taps which were recorded over a three-year period.

Bail was denied to Gelacio primarily due to the fact that the indictment is one of moral turpitude and that he poses as a risk to flee the country due to  the fact that his permanent residence is in Mexico and if convicted, he stands to lose his dual citizenship as he works in the United States.

Bail was denied to Heredia by Judge White due to the fact that he is being accused of dealing directly with a known criminal organization which is on America's OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) list of individuals who a lawful American citizen is prohibited from selling any kind of goods to even though White did not consider him to be a flight risk and was quick to point out that several local dignitaries and prominent citizens had forwarded letters of reference requesting that the Honorable Judge allow Heredia to regain his freedom until his court date.