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Seven of 22 elected officials have accepted 10% decrease

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As of Tuesday, seven of 22 elected officials have voluntarily accepted the 10% salary decrease.
Those elected officials who have done so, signed a sheet forwarded to them by the County Attorney while others may have verbally committed to doing so.
Maverick County authorities have informed the general public that now is the time to accept this challenge as it will alleviate the deficit and at the same time, show their constituents that they too are in favor of putting their part into attempting to get the County out of this deficit.  It does not look like all elected officials will be willing to do so according to sources.
The next pay period for County employees is Friday, July 27th.
In a related note, the Office of the County Treasurer is presently receiving notices of termination from the different departments in an unprecedented reduction in workforce which is presently underway.
In the coming days, it is expected that 35 County employees will be laid off, some of which have been in the employment of the County for years.  These measures have been taken in order to reduce the negative figures in the County's coffers.  Maverick County has approximately 350 employees of which 10% will be seeking employment elsewhere in the very near future.